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New Beta client soon

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We should hopefully have a new BETA client soon, once all the maintenance has been sorted out on the EA master servers.


Quoted from the EA forum:


Very soon.


This is what bazajaytee posted earlier:


Quote: The EA maintenance is purely backend on the servers that handle accounts, server browser and stats etc for all EA games.

However, we are working on a new client seperate to this maintenance window which is with QA at the minute but they are delayed by this maintenance.

R6 is already out with the hosting providers btw.


Quote: We are looking at today but depending on maintenance it might get pushed out. So keep your fingers crossed that the QA process goes well on it smile.gif


Quote: The engineers at EA are trying to get the services back online ASAP. They are sending us updates every 30 minutes. The client is meant to be today but with the delays in getting EA services back online it might get pushed as QA can't do their checks while the servers are down.

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