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Op Flash:DR Officially Dead!

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Posted yesterday over on the CM forums, it appears that CM has now officially killed Op Flash Dragon Rising off!!


What a waste of a great game, but we should have known not to expext the world from a console port, which is what it turned out to be.


With the upcoming release of the Overwatch DLC on PS3, and a few "heated" threads on the topic, I just wanted to inform you all that the team have now completed the “Dragon Rising” chapter of Operation Flashpoint and that’s it for DR-related content going forward.


We are sorry if Dragon Rising and the two DLCs released to date have left you wanting even more, but in the grand scheme of future plans and schedules the vast majority of the team are already busy planning the future of modern combat.


We're aware that this news might disappoint some of you, but I kindly ask that you all please keep any future posts on this topic mature and constructive.


As ever, post-release tech support continues as normal, and if you do have any technical issues with the game then please don't hesitate to contact our customer services team at custservices@codemasters.com


From a community perspective, I’m still here to help you all and will continue to pass on comments and feedback from the community to the dev team, so please keep on posting and letting us your thoughts regarding the game, or even what you’d like to see in future titles and maybe sequels!

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