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The Unknown Ghosts

New Nvidia Drivers

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Hopefully my 5850 will be up to the job of BFBC2, seemed to play the demo alright ;-)




i think you'll be ok :blink: and yes your winning the Uber PC battle with your beast...

(do you have an ssd?)


but it wont help you when i drill you in the head with my repair tool :D

(no innuendo intended)

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60GB SSD for the OS drive, 4GB Ram, Intel i5 2.66Ghz Overclocked to 4Ghz


Shall have to have a word with Beaver about server contributions at some point as well






you could buy the server with the amount that kit must have cost you :o


SSD boot drives are nice arn't they :)

i also put my most played game on it, gives a massive advantage when starting a new lvl in BC2 you get in about 20 seconds fatser than most and about a minuet faster than my onld computer.

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