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R9 Server Update Released

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A changelog of the R9 server update coming next week has been posted on the EA UK forums.


Details of the changelog below and they also say thay a new CLIENT Patch will be released too!!


  • admin.say command implemented

    - the output currently looks a bit funky on the game client, like so: Player: [server]:

    but with the next game client it will look like: Server:
  • admin.yell to squad has changed (you need to specify both team and squad)
  • squad numbering has changed – the “no squad” squad has ID 0, and real squads are 1 and up.
  • Autobalance improved, it shuffles people both during and between rounds now, and does a better job. No way to turn it off via admin interface yet I think.
  • mapList* commands reworked
  • banList* commands reworked
  • listPlayers command added
  • admin.listPlayers command reworked (GUID, kills, deaths, ping and score added)
  • Players have non-PB GUIDs now (these are distinct from PB GUIDs)
  • onChat event reworked

    - now it specifies target player subset as well

    - shows text before profanity filtering

    - client-originated chat messages starting with “/” make it to the server, and broadcast via onChat, but are not broadcast to other game clients

    - use “/!” if you want to be able to send commands to your homemade rcon tools without showing the commands to other players
  • player.onAuthenticated added (it’s triggered when a player receives GUID)
  • player.onSquadChange, player.onTeamChange implemented
  • Couple of crash fixes
  • Support for “region” setting
  • ·
    Ranked ON enforces PB ON, game password OFF

    Ranked and PB can only be changed during the server’s startup phase (i.e. vars.punkBuster is writable from AdminScripts.txt but read-only when the server is up and running)




    banList.save bugfixed

    mapList.nextLevelIndex is always pointing out which map will be run during the next round (so during round 1 on a 2-round map, the nextLevelIndex will point to the map currently being played)

    exposed number of rounds per maps in maplist.txt, and via the remote admin commands


    Example maplist:



    levels/mp_012gr # runs with default number of rounds for the map

    levels/mp_012gr 0 # runs with default number of rounds for the map

    levels/mp_012gr 1 # run 1 round

    levels/mp_012gr 2 # run 2 rounds

    levels/mp_012gr 3 # run 3 rounds


    Example console commands:


    mapList.append levels/mp_012gr # add map with default number of rounds

    mapList.append levels/mp_012gr 0 # add map with default number of rounds

    mapList.append levels/mp_012gr 1 # add map with 3 rounds

    mapList.append levels/mp_012gr 2 # add map with 3 rounds

    mapList.append levels/mp_012gr 3 # add map with 3 rounds


    mapList.list # get maplist

    -> OK “levels/mp_012gr” “levels/mp_012gr” “levels/mp_012gr”


    mapList.list magic_extra_argument_which_will_be_named_in_an_hou r_or_so # get maplist, including number of rounds

    -> OK “levels/mp_012gr” “0” “levels/mp_012gr” “3” “levels/mp_012gr” “0” # get pairs of <mapname, number of rounds> where 0 = default for that gamemode



    -> OK <stuff that is shown already today> “2” # After the current round finishes, there are 2 rounds left to play on the current map

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