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Forum & Gallery Updated

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Over the weekend I have updated the forum & gallery software to the latest available from Invision.


There are many new features & updates within the software, some of which are listed below. If you find any problems with the forum or gallery then please post your feedback in the Feedback forum thanks.


Centralized Notifications NEW

IP.Board 3.1 introduces a brand new centralized notifications system. Notifications have been available in the past for several events (topic subscriptions, etc.), but they used disparate generation systems. The new notifications system provides consistent, central management of notifications, as well as several new events that can send notifications (such as 'someone quoted my post'). Notification options are now managed in a single interface in the UserCP. Developers, of course, can hook into the new framework to generate notifications for their own applications.



Status Updates UPDATED

Status updates have had several big improvements. Most notably, members can now comment directly on each others' statuses. We've also added a new Community Statuses page, allowing all member statuses to be viewed and commented on at once. Member profiles have been updated with a new tab to show a history of that user's status updates, as well as an overview of comments they've given on other status updates. Finally, Facebook and Twitter status integration means your users can bring their external statuses into your community, and vice-versa.





Content Sharing Tools NEW

IP.Board 3.1 features brand new content sharing tools, letting your members share community content across the internet. We include support for all the major social networking and new aggregation services, and with Facebook and Twitter your members don't even need to leave your site (other options open a new window instead). We've also included a new sidebar block which shows the most shared content in your community. And of course, it's easy for developers to utilize the new sharing framework too.



Ad Integration NEW

IP.Board 3.1 features simple advertisement integration. You specify your own tracking scripts, and IP.Board automatically inserts them in several optional locations of the output (such header & footer, or after the first post, etc.). Naturally, there's group permission settings and hook points for developers.



Topic Preview NEW

Click the new topic preview icon in the topic listing or search results views, and see the first and latest posts without leaving the page.



Profile Customization NEW

Users can now choose an image to be their profile background. They can even automatically have their Twitter background imported to use instead!



Soft Delete NEW

Moderators can now soft delete topics, hiding them from public display but not removing them. Reasons can be specified, and soft-deleted topics can be restored easily.

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