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BC2 Patch Update - 17th June 2010

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Bazza has posted an update on the EA UK forums today with some news on the long awaited patch!!


It seems they have a big problem and need to roll back a feature that was added in a previous patch possibly.


Original thread is: here


Bazza's comments below:


By the end of tomorrow we will have something to tell you regarding the release date of the patch.

Kalms is going to do some work before we can discuss our solution but we may roll back one of the changes so we can get the current changelog out and work on that one remaining issue after.


That will allow you to get most of the fixes and features which you have been waiting for including access to Map Pack #3.


Quote: Originally Posted by Brorim viewpost.gif 6 weeks to make such a simple decision .. stunning .. Its not a simple decision, it is a decision we have to consider all sides of and weigh up the pro's and con's of doing.


The rollback might not be favourable for some but it doesn't break the game, it isn't hit detection for example. I won't say what it is until we know if we are rolling it back or not. If we do I'll tell you which change it is that won't make it.


Also it isn't the knife. That works as it used to smile.gif

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