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The Unknown Ghosts

Fancy A WAR!!!

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hello you sexy bunch. How are you all!!


just wondered if you fancied a little clan war with UEG we match on E-Dom but are always up for fun match again decent clans like yourself.


we normally play this sort of thing:


Squad size:6v6/7v7 / 8v8

Server:*UEG* Matching Server

Server IP:

Password: uegclanwar

Gametype:Rush Mode

Ruleset: Hardcore Mode

Map(s): Arica Harbor (Rush/Conq) / Isla Inocentes (Rush) / Laguna Presa (Conq/Rush) / Nelson Bay (Rush) / Port Valdez (Rush/S-Rush) / Valparaiso (Rush/S-Rush) (you pick)


Let me know if your up for it


nice to see your still going stong

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