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Right, so I'm a little bit busy for a full upgrade of my PC at the moment, as the next time I can see myself using it properly for gaming will be in a years time, and a brand new PC would become semi-obsolete by the time I get round to using it. My 8800GT at the moment is royally screwed, and I currently have a fan blowing on it constantly to stop it from melting itself. Running idle at around 70 degrees, not fun.


Anywho, so I'm wondering if any of you have a spare graphics card that I could buy for a reasonably cheap price. I preferably don't want too much of a downgrade, something which means I'd still be able to game casually enough, and one which isn't likely to die in the next year or so. I plan on doing a major overhaul of my PC next year, so it only really needs to last until then.

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