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MoH Server??

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Hi Guys,


I just got an email from Nick @ Rackage about their pre-orders for MoH servers now going live, with the servers being setup and running for release on the 12th apparantly.


Cost is:


- 1 Month 20 slots RANKED = £12.00


- 1 Month 24 slots RANKED = £14.40


- 3 Month 20 slots RANKED (10% discount) = £32.40


- 3 Month 24 slots RANKED (10% discount) = £38.88



Do we want to get a server for 1 Month or 3 Months to see how it goes and how many slots??

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it is a good idea actually. the thing is: is it worth it? i think our bfbc2 server didnt go that well after a short time?


edit: im sorry i didn't read the last sentence you posted beaver.

yeah, a testing phase is great!

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I think a few will be getting it may pay to get a 20 slot for one month.


Hardcore Mode :)

lol @ you and your hardcore modes!! hehe.


You going to sort one out then or want me to do it via Nick @ Rackage??


oh ans I got my Tier 1 Edition on pre-order from Game!

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