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Patch #2 - Release Times - Today!


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Posted over on the MoH Blog....


With the Medal of Honor downloadable content packs coming on November 2, we want to make sure you have all the information you need so you can keep things as hassle-free as possible. Throughout the day, we’ll be rolling out the content updates at different times for the different platforms, and we want to make sure everyone’s on the same page for when the DLC is available.


Xbox 360: Content live around 2am PST.

PC: Content live around 8am PST.

PlayStation 3: Content live around 3pm – 5pm PST.


These publish times are subject to change, and may be different for different regions. We’re working hard to ensure that the Medal of Honor DLC is available to everyone as soon as possible. Thanks and we’ll see you online!



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lol the new mode sucks ass worst ever normal bullits and sniper bounces off a person pistols more powerfull and it supposed to be hardcore played on 5 servers now all hardcore and sniper 4 bullits and not even dead and assault and ops even AT no good just wait till they close and use pistol its seriously bad mode play normal :(

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