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So who bought CoD:Black Ops??

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Come on - own up - who bought CoD:Black Ops??


Am I really going to have to goto Tesco later and buy a game I dont want and dont like?? :)



:) im just contemplating getting it, PS3 or PC? or both.


My Lad has it and it looks good, slower than usual :)


I know we always say wait for the review ect but im gaging to buy buy buy :)

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Altough i like the way you can easily kill, it has a great hitbox it reminds me of CS.


After playing MOH and liking everything but the way you need to shoot someone 10 times for them to die, i thought COD BO would be fun until MOH is patched.


Its really slow paced which is odd but ok.


Graphics are pants :)


Not so much lag today maybe tweaks tweak has helped :)


The maps are big which again is odd as normally COD maps are small. The larger maps dont suit the COD gameplay to me.


Although i have money to spend in game the small UZI seems best for kills.


There is a class grenade that when thrown simulates gun fire and creates a marker on the map, players are drawn to it while you wait for the easy kill :)


I would go as far to say that the guys who made MOH are slightly smirking at the BO game as i dont think its the hit all wanted, if E could just up there game they could take a big chunk of the COD crowd and the PC crowd but they dont seem to be listening.





I will be trading my COD BO in for Need for Speed Pursuit in 8 days.


As Beaver says BF Vietnams out xmas and MOH is still being worked on as per the forums.

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I bought COD-BO and... I really like it. I haven't played any FPS for a couple of years (that's why I've been absent) but I bought the game and a new gaming mouse and I'm well on it :D


Haven't had any problems with lag or server; it runs really well for me. Graphics are sooo 2006 but it does run really fast maxxed-out. Every cloud...


I like the new 'money' system and all the new perks/upgrades, great addition.


Still has the usual bunny-hopping bellends, but that's COD, I guess...

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I've got it and it's great fun, the mechanics are mile better than MOH.


If anyone has it then add me as a friend on steam so I can play with someone. I've been plyaing on my own since the release which is pants considering we're meant to be a clan.


Thats cos nobody else bought it as its pants and too expensive..... :)

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if it ever drops like 20 quid i might consider it but for 39 quid i would get a console and get the game as its a console price game .......I.E. most console games around 40 and pc games around 20-25 ...............but think most of us waiting for BC2 vietnam expansion ( god knows when its going to be released) to come out which is around £10 or less and a free mappack coming out for BC2 as well and seems like thats the only game so far they concentraitng on for pc gamers .........

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