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Play Modern Warfare 2 for free AND with dedicated servers

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just wanted to let you guys know that some guys cracked mw2 so that we can play it on dedicated servers. i even enjoy mw2 more than modern warfare!


here's a quick rundown:



Go to http://alteriw.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24


under pre requirements, click on Torrent client (If you use the torrent links) - Download


download the "free " toreent at the top...


under the download links click MP rip and open it


let it download in torrent..


Extract the files to a new folder


Click on AlterIwnet Configrure ... run it and put your ingame name ...that all you do here


Then click on iW4mp and run ....follow the instruction and type the sentence...




have fun guys. and to let me know you are not dead, please reply this time!! :)







everything works fine, i've tested it myself!

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hey m8 yea thanks other day works fine been playing on it past few days and is there away to report the hacking idiots lol :)


sadly cheat reports seem to be closed, i looked around forums. but what do you expect? this game is not the official version of mw2 anymore now, so... :)

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