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Hello all ,guess i new at this,just like the first few emails i ever made,some worked some not,anyways hope not to get off course on what i need to type. I made a news letter or a form to say a little about me,and to try to join the =SD Ladder's= .I try my best to do the job of playing being a first line shooter.I am not that good maybe,i been playing for 2 or 3 years the game.Do have cable connection with a older computer,plan on upgrade here in the next few months.If i can get a PCI Express Motherboard, or go with a AMD 64 NVIDIA 3 MOTHERBOARD.... About the name, if i was picked to join the TuG CLAN ,i use the name Olpha^Kassel on ubi.com for there server reasons,can i make a name up ..to register it. i don't know much about these things.Idid have this name in my head for a while now tossing it about in though. i made this registrey name .to say that i could not change it later,with little to show for the good thoughs of dreaming it up.. You can see on my signature on this letter of post to forum.i got a open mind,sorry for the troubles it has made.i got 2 choices here for you to decide for me..that is the fairest way to finish the topic ,i will respect your decession of this matter: the 3 names are for you to pick the one.add it as you think it should be, neV-Ven ,( or ),neV_Ver , ( or ) neVVen THANK-YOU P.S. : I made a post before this one,i though i sent it to =SD Ladder's= an maybe i nevv.. sent it to right place.i don't know.i think i clicked send,may of went to my MSN MAIL,Hope this long boring post is ok.sorry all the chatting.thk's again from , neV_Ver !

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