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The Unknown Ghosts

Battlefield 3 Alpha beta


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and why am i a newbie? ffs........






fools if i have to come see you i will crack heads


ps: hope your all well looking forward to some bf3 TuG action !

lol - Its because you created another .TuG.ApeX account recently I think as you forgot your login/password or something like that. I'll have a look at the userlist and see if I can merge your accounts together! :)


And yes - looking forward to some BF3 TuG Action!


Ok Nigel - have now merged your old '.TuG.APE X' account into the newer '.TuG.ApeX' account - so all your posts, etc are showing for the new account!

Edited by .TuG.Beaver
Update Apex on his account!
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Just got my new PC ready for BF3!!! Nice overclocked, water cooled i52500 with a GTX560Ti! Playing Deus EX (not "Day of Sex") as my wife thought! Can't wait to start playing you gys again. See ya soon fellas!

nice - I'm still waiting to see how it plays on my current system before looking to upgrade... and where can we get this "Day of Sex" game from?!! :P

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