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The Unknown Ghosts

Been playing since beta


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Right ive got a question for everyone.


Ive been playing since the beta this game name is probably the best and mst well known name. blah de blah what ever tbh im loosing touch with the clans and the teams i play with now


im in the TUG server playing away and i remember something or more notice a guy called Kaiser now where im from that meens Nazi and to be honest im the most anti-racist person you will ever meet.


So i ask this guys why oyu called Kaiser dont that meen nazi.

i get a reply in german and i simply stated unless theres a reason then its either stupid or rracist to be called that next hting i know m getting TKd by all of SAF called what ever i didnt pay much attention i explained my actions then next hting you know im banned form a server ive been playing in and around for what 2 nearly 3 years now....


Shitty as hell. shame to see what people are coming too. SF were a weel known and repsected clan then from what ive just been told have done a shite thing taken the meening out of clan and booted almost 75% of its members as well as insulting A LOT of people in the meen time i have known a lot of guys over the years join SAF to be kicked on the street without anything such as a warning. i was never part f your community and htnakfully after that reaction im glad i never was.


sorry for thsi TAG but SAF have jsut given them selves a very bad name amongst a lot of online gamers and its a shame to see it this way.


i hope you guys unban my IP as your one of a few decent servers left. my name changes every day just cos i get bored and simply i just want to play


Maybe my history is muggled but you could of explained it not tkd me mouthed of and banned me


my 10 cents ... thanks for killing GR in my eyes. im only one person but all them x SAF guys probably feel the same.



good bye. and good night.


DoW $ilent


the one and only and no i did not and never will endorse a cheat of any kind. though looks like a lot of htose left use them as a past itme activity... HAH.

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It seems you are remembering tonight not quite right. I had not even said a word to you and don?t even know you. The first thing you do is ask me if I?m a Nazi. What kind of question is that? When I give you a response in German of which I?m sure you did not understand the next statement you make is anyone with the name of Kaiser is either stupid or a racist. I have a problem with that due to the fact you don?t quite have the grasp of German history. The Kaiser was from a previous war and was in exile at the time of Nazi power.


I personally take exception with your statements on the server tonight and feel that they were made for no other reason than to engage me in a personal debate. Why in the heck would someone who doesn?t know me want that? Or do we know each other?


I?m going to ask Beaver and Benny to keep the ban in place but that decision is up to them. I asked for the ban this evening because you made comments to illicit a response from me for some reason and the comments were uncalled for and inappropriate.


As far as the SAF situation goes there is one thing to keep in mind. We started a completely new SAF and invited the friends we wanted to team up with to come into the new clan. Why this action was done is known to SAF members and I don?t have any need to discuss it with an outsider. I hope this clears things up for you Silent.


Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859 - 1941)



Kaiser Wilhelm II German emperor (Kaiser) and king of Prussia from 1888 to the end of World War One in 1918, known for his militaristic manner as well as for his indecisive policies.


Wilhelm was the eldest child of Crown Prince Frederick (later Emperor Frederick III) and Victoria. In 1888 Wilhelm's grandfather died. Crown Prince Frederick died shortly afterwards and, aged just 29, Wilhelm became Kaiser. Within two years he had forced the resignation of Chancellor Bismarck and later appointed von B?low to the position. Wilhelm wanted von B?low to persuade the Reichstag to accept whatever policies the Kaiser and the upper classes wanted, usually completely unsuitable for the rapidly industrialising Germany.


B?low's foreign policy included the German Naval Bills of 1897 and 1900, which threatened British naval domination. British anxieties were inflamed further by Wilhelm's tactless posturing. B?low was replaced by Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, who tried to come to an agreement with Britain. He failed when Britain refused to promise neutrality in any Franco-German war unless Germany agreed to limit its fleet, which was unacceptable to the Germans.


Responsible for government appointments and commander in chief of the armed forces, Wilhelm was the only person in Germany who could ensure that military and diplomatic policies were in tune. During and immediately after the war he was vilified in Britain for causing the war. However, his real failure was to encourage Germany's leaders instead of restraining them at a time when German expansion made some form of conflict with the established great powers seem inevitable.


Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, Wilhelm encouraged the Austrians to adopt an uncompromising line but lost his nerve and was unable to stop his generals mobilising their forces. While theoretically supreme commander, once at war he found himself excluded from decisions, but crippled chances of a compromise peace by encouraging the grandiose war aims of the generals and of many politicians.


After Germany surrendered, he was forced to abdicate and left for the Netherlands. This removed the possibility of any form of monarchy and the resulting Weimar Republic saw the rise of Hitler.







Take care and good gaming.


SAF Kaiser

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By all accounts - you acted like a complete ASS in our server tonight.


I have a problem with people coming into our server under different names - if you are from DoW and your online name is Silent - then wear the name and tags.


If I had been in the server and witnessed your stupid comments towards Kaiser - I would have banned you myself there and then.


The ban will stay in place on the GR server and will be transferred to our other servers.


Your comment:

Ive been playing since the beta this game name is probably the best and mst well known name.


Sorry dude, but I've never even heard of you before and I too have been playing this game since day 1.


People like you I can do without.


Have a good day playing GR - your just going to have to do it somewhere else.



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Not being rude or nasty (as i have no reason to be), but, I to have been playing this game since it was release 3 years ago, I started out with The Black Plague, many moons ago and have even been a member of =SeALZ=, and now i'm a TUG, and i like many others have no idea who you are, so saying you've been playing since beta doesnt really mean anything.


Ive as previously stated played since the release in the UK but i dont feel with my experience it gives me the right to enter other peoples servers and act in any way that may be deemed inappropriate.


I am amazed that you joined our forums just to have a go at us over something that you initiated.


Please, please, show how honorable you would like us to think you are by not coming back here again, if DoW has their own forums you may say whatever you like there, that is your choice, but please don't bring it here.


people only tend to get banned from the TUG server for inappropriate behaviour. So if your banned it will be with good reason.


If you post here again please make sure you add an apology on the end to Kaiser, for your slanderous comments.


Thankyou GL HF :ph34r:

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Hi guys


I feel it is time to add my comments to those mentioned already on this thread


DoW was formed when GR was first launched in 2000ish, of which Silent was a member, who was subsequently banned from clanbase for cheating, he was also banned from DoW.


DoW folded as a gaming clan last year, however some of the guys including Silent wished to stay in touch, which we do via my website, I let Silent rejoin as we were no longer gaming and he was now 2 years older now.


I can confirm silent is not racist, Ive known this guy to long. im sure i would of picked up on that by now.


With regards his comments, i can understand to a degree where he was coming from, please bear with me, I lived in and was brought up in Germany, my dad was in the forces, and I served there myself for eight years, at the end of this post is a definition of Kaiser, straight out the oxford dictionary


Now onto another matter, I hope you guys in TUG dont see fit to join with SAF in banning me from your forums, as you may or may not be aware Kaiser banned me today, without even speaking to me, I have sent him a mail asking him to reconsider and i am awaiting his reply.


I left SAF due to Kaisers dictorial style of leadership, I felt it was extreamly unfair to get rid of so many clan members without even notifying them,some of which were personal freinds of mine.I found out only because I tried to log onto TWL to find i had been deleted, kaiser however changed his mind following a discussion with Biffa and i was allowed back in. but i decided to leave anyway for the reasons already stated.


I personally have nothing against any SAF, including Kaiser, I m here to enjoy and play Ghost Recon, I would of loved to have stayed in SAF, but events have dictated otherwise.


The definition below I hope is not taken slanderously, it is not intented to be so, but it hardly relates to the history Kaiser posted, but it does relate to the comments Silent made, perhaps he was just curious to know what Kaiser actually meant, but he was never given a reply was he?


This is what came up under KAISER


Entry: king

Function: noun

Definition: ruler

Synonyms: absolutist, adviser, autocrat, baron, boss, caesar, caliph, chief, commander, czar, despot, disciplinarian, duce, emir, fascist, Kaiser, lama, leader, lord, magnate, martinet, master, mogul, oligarch, oppressor, overlord, rajah, ringleader


I can see one or two definitons above that ring a bell, surely theres no need to be so dictorial, like I always say when things get heated relating to GR or any other game, "Its only a game after all"


Thanks for reading


Steve aka Bulldog

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Finally you've shown what a complete ASS you are. Thanks.


I left SAF due to Kaisers dictorial style of leadership, I? felt it was extreamly unfair to get rid of so many clan members without even notifying them,some of which were personal freinds of mine.

You obviously missed the point that Kaiser doesnt run SAF - it's a collective leadership - Biffa/Wizzy/Psyc/Kaiser - so calling Kaiser a dictator is just plain dumb on your part.


Now onto another matter, I hope you guys in TUG dont see fit to join with SAF in banning me from your forums, as you may or may not be aware Kaiser banned me today, without even speaking to me, I have sent him a mail asking him to reconsider and i am awaiting his reply.

I'm not gonna ban you from the forums or servers just yet - but your sailing pretty close to the wind.


This thread has gone on long enough and is now locked.

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