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The Unknown Ghosts


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If That's Not Enough For You, We Have More!

DICE has been hard at work creating more content and adding features for future updates of Battlefield Vietnam. Coming up next in the Vietnam 1.1 update will be many new features for Battlefield Vietnam, including a voting GUI, enhancements to the 3D Map and more server options such as the Orbit cam and more.


To tease you a bit, today we are featuring two new air vehicles that will appear for the first time in "The Defense of Con Thien", DICE's first official free map for Battlefield Vietnam, also due in the 1.1 update.



Up first is the OH-6 Loach, a Scout helicopter used by the US in the Vietnam conflict. Seen below hovering over a broken bridge, the Loach is quicker and more agile than any other helicopter included in BFV and carries both a pilot and an armed passenger. The pilot has access to a pair of chain guns which serve as the Loach's primary weapon and can place artillery strike markers (or cameras) with the secondary fire. Any friendly artilleryman can home in on these markers using the artillery piece's secondary fire.







To counter this new US helicopter, the NVA will have access to the KA-25 "Hormone" attack helicopter. Originally designed as a sub-hunter, the "Hormone" (seen below) was adapted later in the war as a ground attack chopper. In BFV it is equipped with chain guns (usable by the pilot), radar and heat-seeking missiles (usable by the "co-pilot"). Faster and more maneuverable than the MI-8 "Hinds", these should be a real treat to fly for any veteran pilot.







Keep watching this space for more information on the 1.1 update and "The Defense of Con Thien" as we move into Summer.


From EAComMike and the rest of the Batlefield team, enjoy the 1.01 Update and Rock n' Roll Private!

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