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Looking to upgrade a a reasonable cost.


My old board has bent pins and doesnt read all my memory thats why im changing the board.






I went to a comp fair today and nearly brought 2 x 6950, 1 x i7 1155 chip and a new motherboard to suit total would of been £888.00 though, i just couldnt do it.


I want to play BF3 as it does look good.


Or should i go for two 6870? its all so confusing again :)



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aint got a key i got a cracked disc let me know if you want it and ill post. did you get the 6905's they are sweeeeeet! ?


what 17 is it hope its 2600k? if not you should have got the i5 2500k


i just flashed the bios on my 6950's to the 6967 shader mod, it real easy to do but a bit scary :) i didnt go for the full 6970 bios as apparently it does not do the memory of the cards any good.

See my results in the post in this section. if you want more info let me know.


see you on the battlefield :)

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