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The Unknown Ghosts

Got my beta key + GRO news

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Got my beta key nd here some news thats on the launcher :)




It's time to join the battlefield!

News - 14/12/2011 @ 15:00:00


Dear Ghosts... It's TIME!

Get your rifles out of the armory, and come join us on the battlefield in our latest Closed Beta!

We hope you'll have fun playing Ghost Recon Online ;)

Opening times:


14-20 December, 3pm - 11pm (GMT)

6.000 new testers are joining for this test session.

If you had participated in the earlier Betas, don't fret - your turn will come soon!

Next week, we'll be opening the gates to all you battle-hardened veterans. So get ready.

Your Ghost Recon Online Team



New Recon Screenshots available!

News - 13/12/2011 @ 12:00:00


Dear Ghosts,

3 new Recon screenshots are now available!

Click here to download them:




Your Ghost Recon Online Team




Discover our newest Speed Painting video: the Recon!

News - 02/12/2011 @ 18:25:00


To celebrate the end of the Closed Beta 4 (session 1), discover GRO's Recon class like never seen before, in this video of GRO's lead artist:

Watch the Recon Speed Painting video

And there's more: Download the wallpaper for PC


See you soon on the battlefield,

The Ghost Recon Online Team


Closed Beta 4 has now started!

News - 28/11/2011 @ 15:47:00

Dear Ghosts, another exciting phase of our Closed Beta is now running.

Session #1 will run from Monday 28th to Friday 2nd of December.

Opening times: 6pm - Midnight (GMT+1).

Objective of this session: test with you our last server structure evolution.

While we still expect latency issues, your useful feedback will help us to continue improving GRO.

Because - as you already know - GRO's playing conditions are our top priority.

CB4_Launcher_News_ENGtcm2134594.jpg<p>For more information regarding this session's content and participants, please read our



also added a screenshot of the broswer and lauchers


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JJ got an email too... Still nothing in my inbox for it though - I definately signed up for the BETA when it was originally announced and got accepted. Maybe today!


cool i personaly think its going to be a good fre e to play game was playing it all night and it took a 20minutes to get used of it cos i play Gears of war series


I also still got no mail....i applied like half a year ago...pretty much when i heard about the beta. that sucks.


could be an eror like the news says below



heres some news



Problems accessing the game? Now fixed!

News - 15/12/2011 @ 15:45:00


Dear Ghosts,

A new wave of testers has just arrived this week!

Unfortunately, amongst the invited players, some could not connect the first evening.

Access to the game seemed restricted to them and the following error message appeared: "Closed Beta is offline".

This problem is now resolved.

All selected testers should now be able to login and play, during our current test opening times : 3pm - 11pm (GMT).

If you?re still reading this error message, it means that your account has not been selected for this test sessions. You must wait until Wednesday, Dec. 21st, before you can join the fun.

Note: some testers from previous sessions can connect this week.

We count on them to teach the new players how the game works ;)

See you on the battlefield!

Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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more news




New Specialist Speed Painting Video!

News - 16/12/2011 @ 18:00:00


Hi Ghosts!

We have another Speed Drawing video for you.

This week, we're featuring the Specialist.

Watch as our lead artist sketches the concept art of this character class.

You may download a wallpaper version of this Speed Drawing in our Facebook page.


Have fun watching!

Ghost Recon Online Team

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no problem m8, so wot u think of it from the vid too ?



here some infor from the GRO Luancher



Last 3 days of playing before 2012

News - 20/12/2011 @ 20:00:00


Dear Ghosts,

We hope you had fun playing the second session of this Closed Beta phase. Our third and last CB4 session is now starting!

Servers will be open :

December 21, 22 and 23

From 11am to 11pm (GMT)

But beware: our veteran testers are joining too!

The battle will be fierce... Good luck!

Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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guys hiurry up and enter ur code new beta is online atm



New Assault screenshots!

News - 04/01/2012 @ 16:00:00


Dear Ghosts,

3 brand new Assault screenshots are now available!

Click here to see them:Assault Screenshot 1

Assault Screenshot 2

Assault Screenshot 3



See you soon on the battlefield,

Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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Closed Beta now live!

News - 16/01/2012 @ 18:00:00


Our first session is running!

Mon. 16th to Wed. 18th of January

5pm - 9pm (GMT)


Already selected? -> Download the latest client and join the battlefield.

Not able to play yet? -> Soon you will be!

In the meanwhile, read about upcoming sessions and what new features you?ll get to test.

Alone you fight,

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damm get on to tech support then m8 ur missing out on a 4 day event on closed beta



also forgot to post this lot




Ready for 4 days of Ghost Recon action?

News - 14/02/2012 @ 16:00:00


Dear Ghosts,

You asked for more, and we heard you!

So dust off your sniper rifles, ready your Blitz Shield, charge up your AEGIS, and come join in the fun as the GRO servers will be made available for a new Closed Beta session this weekend.

Come join your Ghost squad on:

? Thursday & Friday (16 & 17 Feb '12): 11 am to 11 pm (GMT)

? Saturday & Sunday (18 & 19 Feb '12): 00.01 am to 11 pm (GMT)

Should you have any problems playing the game, give a shout to our technical support or visit the forums.

Alone you fight, together we dominate

Your Ghost Recon Online Team



Watch the Ghost Recon Online classes' overview

News - 13/02/2012 @ 18:00:00


Assault, Recon or Specialist... You can't make your choice?

Maybe this video description of each class will help you.

Discover their play styles and abilities:

Not enough?

Discover our latest screenshots to see each class in action!

Alone you fight. Together we dominate.

Your Ghost Recon Online Team



Electronic warfare: The Specialist

News - 31/01/2012 @ 16:00:00


The inspiration behind the battlefield technologies of GRO is rooted in existing and developing battlefield electronics.

Take a look at the Specialist's abilities in this new Intel series.

Alone you fight, together we dominate.

Your Ghost Recon Online Team



Great news, everyone can play!

News - 27/01/2012 @ 17:00:00


Ghost, we have great news for you!

Everyone who has redeemed a key will be able to play tonight and tomorrow.

We?ve also increased tomorrow?s playtime for an extra 2 hours!

Friday 27th (5pm-9pm) + Saturday 28th (5pm-11pm)

-> Open to any player who redeemed a beta key <-

Have fun and don?t hesitate to send us your suggestions/feedback

Your Ghost Recon Online Team

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