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Battlefield 3 artifacting.

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I had some really wierd artifacting last night. I think it's a driver problem. I'm gonna send a link to the Dice guys with my specs.

This seems to happen on the larger maps, sometiems it's caused by selecting a certain weapon but the weapon that causes it changes?

I have also noticed that this coincides with the weapon graphic in the kit selection screen being incorrect and showing the wrong icon.

It also happens when someone is hacking, I think this may be the real cause of it. bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-45-68.bmp


Driver = 290.53 (beta)

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit version.



CPU = I52500K

Ram =8GB Corsair vengence

MB = Asus P8Z68V Le


bf3 2012-01-02 22-22-07-90.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-22-17-64.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-22-21-06.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-23-42-72.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-44-20.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-45-68.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-48-62.bmp

bf3 2012-01-02 22-24-43-85.bmp

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I heard its to do with ULTRA video settings in MP, try chaning to HIGH : ultra settings are unstable for nvidi 5xx series apparently. I play on lowest settings anyway, after 10min I forget, and the boost in preformance improves my game. 1+ AMD = nvidi -1 :(

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