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hello there people.

just filled out ya app form to join.

have received an email saying u will be in touch.


Just 1 question really.

I have played GR on and off and am by no means up to scratch. Im sure I will get better once I start playing regularly.

Is this gonna matter????





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great to see you on the forums ^_^


here at TUG we play for FUN mainly although we are also involved with several comps


there is no problem with your standard of play that is not an issue :D


the most important thing is you are part of the community and play on the server with us ----- you will get better fast



come on line tonight at 7.30 ish i will be there and hope fully some other we will see how you do.


you need a program called "team speak" we use it to talk online try to find it and install it, you can find a link on our website main page.


anyway good to see you and hope to see you online soon!

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Just a squirrel tryin to find a nut. Wait! just a lonely GR player tryin to find a clan. :D I really want to try out sometime and see if im suitable for the admired TUGs! Hope u let me get a chance. I sent my application to TUG_Bulldog in email hope u got it bulldog.

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quit picking on me wiz, im just so eager to get these finger hinges greased up with some gr. Anywayz since my man bulldog didnt respond in email i thought he might in the forum. I would like to be known as one of the famous TUG/SAF!!!!! :D

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TUG is comprised of baby eating communists...is that something a good lad such as yourself really wants to get involved in? We in SAF are as pure as the driven snow...and our poo don't stink...and we have cookies...and naked chicks...yep, naked chicks running around all over the place ;)

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Just recieved E-Mail response back from Bulldog. Sent very early in the morning, i am guessing you guys do not sleep because of all the women, parties and beer you get for being in a clan! :lol:


Any way thanks for the prompt response.


I play a few games but always come back to GR (still the best game around)


Look forward to hearing from yourselves soon :D

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Game: Call Of Duty


Real Name:Graham Pitt

Contact Email:mouldymaster@hotmail.com

Contact ICQ: wot is this

Contact MSN: same as above



Location: London

Connection Type: Broadband Very quick

Voice Comms: Teamspeak

Additional Info: I want to join cause i need a clan also im very good at the game im an awesome sniper but can use other guns to great use aswell im a great teamplayer and i respect higher ranks


Soldier Details: ????


Soldier Name: - TUG_Moudlymaster

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