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The Unknown Ghosts

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Last i looked he joined the platoon on battle log... i'll commence operation 'bug the crap outta him til he gets on board'


Yeah baby, it means, you, me, a bottle of whisky, a bottle of bourbon, and some carnage!! :ninja:


Ahh the good old ninja smiley, how i've missed him.

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Elliot tarling





i play cod ghost and batllefield 4 i also run a private server on dayz epoch atm 

Hi Elliot


Welcome to the forums. unfortunately the forums havent been active in a while but the guys are all usually on out TS3 server - IP: - No password. Pop in a say hello, etc.


I'd be playing BF4 right now if I wasnt in the middle of getting a new kitchen & central heating fitted! :)

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