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The Unknown Ghosts

Got mine......have you got yours?

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Well i collected my copy of Soldner this afternoon, and heres what i think so far.


Ive only looked at the SP so far, The first mission i tried, I was required to blow up a fuel tank, but on my way there i got run over and killed by a nasty man. :(


Next mission I tried, I had to collect a tank and then deliver it elsewhere, unfortunately the 4 AI tanks guarding it had other ideas and blew me up as soon as i got in it. :(


And that was it for SP missions, then i decided to just fool around with the weapons and vehicles at my disposal, just to get a feel for the game.


Vehicles...Well i think the control system could have been better, i mean, you control the camera with the mouse and to move forward you press up, then the vehicle flys along at breakneck speed and the only way to slow it down is to use the break....what a surprise i hear you say... the point i am making is that you cant just drive alond at a slow speed... its all kangaroo juice cause your on the brakes all the time cause its so hard to control at speed...And reverse doesnt work.


Helicopters..... Look nice, easy to fly...unfortunately its impossible to return back down after going up...I set the descend key and it just doesnt do anything...the only way ive managed to descend so far is to rag on the de-cellerate button until it gradually hits the floor in a ball of flame :( .


I think the biggest complaint of all would be on both SP missions that I did it was snowing heavily which kinda made my PC groan, and my frames were a little jumpy at times :(


Hopefully the problems ive found are just bugs that will be ironed out in the 1st patch :)


Gonna try MP later see if its any better :D

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None of the shops have it here and none of them even had it in there order logs for June :( so i might be asking somebody in UK to send it to me. I will send money etc...I will get with somebody on ts about it soon. Let me know if somebody is close to a shop and has time plz...Thx Psy

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