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Mechwarrior Online?

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Still in fairly rough shape but I've been on the Beta since June, the first ever online group I joined was actually a Mechwarrior clan back in 98 so I've always had a soft spot for anything Mechwarrior related.


Mechwarrior is Free to Play but with a non- Pay to Win element that involves buying gear that you might not have the time to grind for. http://mwomercs.com/


Biffa starts a group (omg no!)


I'm starting up a group which is the first time I've tried this since the SAF days, but I'm not going SAF/TUG whatever so we can stay in Canon and be part of House Liao and stay true to the Battletech universe. It's a small group at the moment 4-6 but all old players who can be trusted not to be plebs, thought of you guys not coz you're old ofc but because like me the mentality is 'maturer'.


Would love to grow it maybe under the TUG umbrella, not sure how Beaver feels about the game or starting up a small group without the TUG tag, dunno but if you're into the game or just like very noisy smashy robots killing one another then this will fill your boots. If there was enough interest here then maybe we could start up a warrior house/mercenaries and switch to TUG as a prefix since we wouldn't have to be 'Canon' then, don't know, but at the moment we're too small to be independant of the main house. http://www.houseliao.com/forum/index.php?/forum/39-blackwind-lancers/




The Blackwind Lancers


The Lancers interested me from the table top days back in erm late 70s...or early 80's can't remember but anyway they have a fascinating history. Caught between the Capellan/House Liao empire and the Federated Suns these guys were faced with Annihilation during the succession wars, some of their choices including using nuclear weapons made them very unpopular but the general outline is basically a fated story of love and loyalty. Under the lovestruck but very mad Warner Doles these guys eventually became Elite pilots but due to their history and unpredictability they rarely made many friends.  For the purists who are roleplayers we are basically a plague on their house, which I find fun because I'm not really a roleplayer or take much of that seriously.


MWO starts it's timeframe at 3050 by that time the Lancers are part of the ill fated St Ives Compact, they've already lost the 1st Battalion in a suicidal defence of Andre. When community warfare finally takes off in the coming months there will be a point to fighting on all these battlefields, the other two Battalions might be NPC so our little group of players will be basically the support elements of the survivors from the 1st. If that's not the case then the 2nd will be Euro players and the 3rd will be North America.


Anyway this is where we take up the story, the backstory is explained in this video I knocked out (using a holiday in Lanzarotte) :



If you guys can knock up a TUG lance and come and fight with us that would rock also, well Mr Wizard did show some interest initially and I'm hoping he'd like to start up a Euro lance I already have some recruits that he can push around.


We have comms both within the house and our own but at present we have no private forums (hint). Due to my EVE links as a Goon we have a certain position already within the house that is both a blessing and a hinderence but heck that makes life interesting too.


So download the game it's free and see what you thinkg, would love to hook up with some of you guys and have a few laughs, pm me for any further details like comms etc.






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