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The Unknown Ghosts

Create Your Own Only in Battlefield 4 Moments


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Battlefield has always been about those unbelievable moments – the ones that are unscripted and you, the players, create by simply playing the game. What you have created in the past always seems to amaze us, like taking out the pilot of a helicopter, jumping off a skyscraper, and jumping in the pilot’s seat in mid-air. These are the kind moments you can have Only in Battlefield and we want to help you make even more.

Now that the Battlefield 4 Open Beta is live, we want to see your best Only in Battlefield 4 moments. To give your moments even more of that Battlefield feeling, we’re releasing our official video template.

Click to download the Only in Battlefield 4 video toolkit.

After you make your own Only in Battlefield 4 videos, send your YouTube Video ID to battlefieldsocial@ea.com for a chance to get your video shown on Battlefield.com!

We’re looking forward to seeing your most amazing Only in Battlefield 4 moments. Good luck – we’ll see you on the Battlefield.

Learn how to join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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