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Share your passion for Battlefield with Facebook Sharing


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Click “enable” to let the world know you’re a #BF4 fan.

We are happy to announce the new Facebook Sharing in Battlelog! Now, our Battlefield fans can choose to share their in-game progression with friends automatically. Some example of stories that can be posted to your activity feed (and in some instances your wall) are ranking up, joining games, and winning rounds.

Players clicking your story can be taken to either the Battlefield 4 Beta page, your Facebook profile, or the Open Beta server browser (depending on which item they click).

Let your friends know you are a true Battlefield fan by enabling Facebook Sharing now. You can switch it on by going to your profile and setting ”Facbook Sharing” to on. You can turn it off again at any time.

This is our first iteration of Facebook Sharing from Battlefield, and like always we appreciate your feedback. What kind of stories would you like to see in Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

Head to Battlelog to enable Facebook Sharing.

Join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta and help us make the game better!

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