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The Launch of Battlefield 4: A Personal Message from DICE VP & GM Karl Magnus


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The massive launch of Battlefield 4 has begun. DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson reflects upon the past two years of development and what this launch means for him personally, and for DICE as a studio.

A Message from DICE VP & GM Karl Magnus Troedsson

“As we reach the end of a two-year long journey the entire team at DICE is filled with emotions. All the hard work by the team, the shared creative tension by everyone in the studio being hell-bent on building something majestic with Battlefield 4… It feels a bit empty now that all those ideas, thoughts, designs, and discussions from the development of the base game suddenly are about to end. I almost wish we never had to ship — but ultimately, we are of course very excited to get the game into your hands.

Suddenly someone walks past my office, proudly showing off what could possibly be the first retail copy of Battlefield 4 in the world. We laugh, take pictures with it and share them on social networks. Internet high-fives all around, and then it’s back to work! We know that we’re never really ‘done’, and that Battlefield is more than just a game; it’s a service and a promise to every fan that we’ll take care of their experience long after the game has launched. Almost immediately we change strides, onwards toward more great content and updates.

I’m immensely proud of what the team has created, and as we end one journey another begins. We have prepared for the millions of gamers who are going to to play Battlefield 4. Now, we put our creation out there and wait with bated breath for fans around the world to tell us what they think.

It’s time to lock and load once more. See you on the Battlefield, my friends.”

Karl Magnus Troedsson

Battlefield 4 is available now.

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