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Battlefield 4: Game with Devs


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This weekend Battlefield 4 multiplayer is open to everyone (Xbox Live Gold & Silver members) on Xbox 360. Test your skills on November 16th beginning at 3PM PST by playing against DICE LA, creators of Battlefield 4 Second Assault, available first on Xbox One.

Ready to get started?  Here’s how to play:

1. Send a friend request or invite to the listed gamertags.

- DiceDev1
- DiceDev2
- DiceDev03
- DiceDev04
- DiceDev05
- DiceDev06
- DiceDev07
- DiceDev08
- DiceDev09
- DiceDev10

2. Be ready to play at least 30 minutes before the event starts. Don’t forget your headset so you can ask questions about BF4.

3. If you receive a game invite, get ready to Game with Developers.

Battlefield 4 – available now.

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