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Upcoming Patch - Changelist

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Here's the changelist for the upcoming patch - I see they have an anti-cheat in there too.



Changelist for the upcoming Patch



This list shows you the changes that are already in testing. More changes/additions are under consideration and in the works. We will ammend this list as work continues.

Additional information on each item which is in currently in testing, which we are working on and those who we consider for the next update will be provided soon.


A new Update/Patch section on the official website will be opened soon which will inform you of any changes of our update plans.


Changelist for the upcoming patch:



- improved network performance for vehicles

- single player: fixed error in political system, which spawned only us units as enemies

- adjusted the 3rd person camera for all vehicles

- loading times have been decreased

- mapload time when joining a server decreased, ie. disconnect wait time reduced

- fixed the client and server crash

- anti cheat "WACHE v2" has been activated, Wache stands for Wings Anti CHEat Protection

- added selectable actions on detecting user with modified data (mod or cheats)

- no accounting for players with modified data (TKs, money, points etc.)

- fixed incorrect lighting on soldier-models if NightVision is activated



- added different color-formatting to killmessages

- no money bonus after healing yourself with the medi-kit

- fixed terminal in 'Finding Lenin' map, both teams are now able to buy Tanks

- messages sent by the server are now localized depending on client's language

- fixed list-selection in vote-menu

- disabled text colorization abuse

- WACHE v2 activated:

* detection of players with modified weapons, vehicles or soldiers

* various server-controlled actions on cheat-detection via web-interface



- increased maximum possible flight height

- changed 3rd person camera for jets

- HUD extensions for jets and helis are hidden in 3rd person mode

- fixed glitches in cannon camera for some helis/jets

- extended HUD functionality for jets/helis

- fixed impact on terrain for vehicle and damage calculation

- improved physics calculation, new driving-physics implementation for all vehicles

- physical properties for vehicles adjusted to new system

- colliding jets/helis will now be both destroyed



- known commander mode crash fixed

- added toggle for fullscreen/windowed playermap

- fixed icon display for user sitting in a vehicle

- fixed a server-crash during activated CommanderMode

- you can now chat in Commander Mode

- Bots can use vehicle-weapons properly

- fixed display of request-icons outside the visible map-area

- changed color and description of exit-button in team-equip menu

- added player map option for the commander, press 'k' to open normal player map, 'm' for commander-mode

- new player-icons for map

- Commander is able to store team member selections on keys

- Playermap can optionally show playernames of your own team now

- Commander is able to store his satellite view positions on keys

- Your position on the playermap has now an arrow with your view direction



- new animations for idle-animations for different weapons

- rotation mismatch fixed after wall-climbing

- after leaving a vehicle, the look direction of the player won't flip randomly

- fixed multiple collision issues with soldier (hang-sliding in free-fall animation etc.)

- reduced animation effects on camera in 1st person view




- reduced sound-volume and distance of distant rifle effects

- fixed a 'no-particle-effects' bug if you fired weapons on a close target

- several sound fx adjustments as volume and distance settings



- task-switch fix during loading screen

- mouse sensitivity settings has been adjusted/increased

- added 'Restore Defaults' to controller settings

- added 'Air Brake' to flight-controller

- replaced 'Alternate Fire' with 'Look' in flight-controller menu

- font-size of console text can be set in user.ini (Console.FOnt.Size = x)

- teamscreen play-buttons are now disabled until server responded to prevent multiple re-spawns

- added '/tell' command to send a private chat message to a player, these are displayed in green, /clantell is under consideration too

- player name is now limited to 24 characters to prevent abuse in LAN games

- optimized connection procedure, netcode improvements

- improved packet-loss handling and reduced bandwith consumption

- Multiplayer mode Hostage Rescue was changed to better manage players who kill hostages

- we removed blue and red as colors for names so people dont mix them up with teams.

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