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Battlefield 4 Platoons: New Improvements


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With a new update to Battlefield 4 Platoons, it’s even easier for Platoon members to connect and play together. Read on and learn how to see what server your Platoon members are playing on, plus various other features

Released a month ago, Platoons for Battlefield 4 have made it possible for players to get together in larger numbers and show the world where they belong. For us at DICE, it’s been a treat to see the community create thousands of Platoons, recruit new members, and design creative emblems.

Learn the basics of Battlefield 4 Platoons 

With our latest Battlelog update, we’ve made it possible for you to see on what servers your Platoon members are playing.

Locate Your Platoon Members

If you head to Platoons on Battlelog, you’ll notice a new tab called Servers. Under this tab, you’ll see a list of all your Platoon members currently playing Battlefield 4. Here you can scroll through the servers that your fellow Platoon members are playing on, and jump in their game if you want to help them out.


Servers hosting the highest number of your Platoon members are placed at the top.

Increased Member Cap

We have also added the number of Platoon members you can have in your Platoon. This is based on what rank your Battlefield 4 soldier has reached. If you’ve reached rank 5, the member cap is 150. If you’ve reached rank 10, the member cap is 200. There are many other improvements and tweaks done to Platoons, like automated subscriptions to Platoon wall posts and comments. Find the full change log on the Battlelog Forums.

Give Us Your Feedback

We hope you will enjoy these added new features to Platoons, and also the ones that we are planning for the future. We truly appreciate your feedback, and will use it to further improve Platoons in Battlefield 4. Give us your feedback in the comments below or in the “Platoons Feedback” thread on Battlelog.

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