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“Battlefield Moment” Competition Winner


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A while back, we asked you to submit your best Battlefield moment, with the promise of an exclusive Battlefield 4 art print from Cook & Becker awarded to the best submission. We’ve received tons of inspiring stories and it’s been a true pleasure to read about your experiences on the Battlefield.

After a challenging judging process, we have now decided on a winner. “Berdu“, a BF4 fan from Finland who enjoys blowing stuff up and making Battlefield 4 videos, sent us his description of a China Rising session, that caught our eyes. Without further ado, here is the winning submission:

While still deafened and defeated by the explosion, my brain rewinds the chain of events.

The crashing jet brings the building down. The untrained pilot’s parachute casts a shadow.

Through the smoke and debris appears a motorbike, carrying two.

I couldn’t see it, but I knew the driver grinned like the devil himself.

I try to pull up. The bike bounces off the debris, launches towards me, making its final stand.

The passenger squeezes the C4 trigger.

My chopper and the crew of four… are no more.

“The story was inspired by events on a China Rising map”, Berdu tells us. “A reckless C4 patrol used the surrounding chaos to bring down my squad. It’s my Battlefield experience in a nutshell; the game is at its best when you embrace the uncontrolled chaos and allow it to take over. Immersion at its finest.”


Art prints available at Cook & Becker, who also has many other prints with artwork from DICE games.

For sharing his Battlefield moment with us, Berdu will be awarded the Cook & Becker art print Aircraft Carrier in Naval Battle, hand-numbered and signed by the DICE art team. Join us all in congratulating Berdu, and thanks again for all your thrilling stories!

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