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The Unknown Ghosts

How to find Snipers

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While playing this evening, Bulldog & I messed about with the Sniper Kit and how to combat it.


Here's what we found.


1. Screenshot 1 - I'm standing direcrtly in-front of bulldog who is kneeling down.


2. Screenshot 2 - Magically he appears when I put my IR Goggles on. :)


These things have a range of about 25-50metres I think.


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:o Crikey!


:ph34r: What Camouflage system is he using!!!!?


He must have borrowed a perfect 'Adaptive Camouflage' suit from that alien "Predator" that had it's ass kicked by Arnie..


Either that or Bulldog has managed to perfect an Active Pixel Sensor (APS) Array and cross-connected fibre-optic network within standard 'combat 95' clothing... Hey! Someone best tell the MOD!

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