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Geo Leaderboard Challenge: Score per Minute


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Who are the top guns in Battlefield 4? The Geo Leaderboards have the answer. Found on Battlelog, these top lists display anything from who has the best Kill/Death ratio in Battlefield 4, to the player with the most hours in-game. Now, we have a Leaderboard challenge for you.


Get the Highest Score per Minute

We are challenging the Battlefield 4 community to fight for the #1 place in the Score per Minute section of the Geo Leaderboards. The players that have the highest Score per Minute on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One (Division 1 section, worldwide) on May 14, 8AM PST will be crowned as winners, earning immense bragging rights. The winners will be officially announced in our channels later on May 14.


You can achieve a good Score per Minute in many ways. Anything between killing enemies and repairing vehicles will earn you points, and keep in mind that playing the objective is key. In other words, capture control points in Conquest or help out with holding down/attacking an M-Com Stations in Rush, and you’ll see that score soaring.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in Battlefield 4, get that SPM up, and fight for top place!

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