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Top Squad Play Challenge Winners


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A few days back, we asked you to submit your best Top Squad Play Videos, featuring you and your squad mates tearing it up in the Battlefield Hardline closed beta. We’ve received several intense videos and it’s been inspiring watching your team efforts in them all. Now, we’ve settled for a winner.

For great communication, skilled shooting, and making the match a true crowd-pleaser, the winner is TheEMUReview, representing Clan EMU. Check out the winning submission below:

For sharing this Top Squad Play with us, TheEMUReview and his squad mates will get to create a custom in-game Patch, based on the Squad’s own design ideas. This Patch will be awarded to all players in the full retail version of Battlefield Hardline, releasing October 21st in North America (in Europe beginning October 23, and in the UK on October 24).

Congratulations and keep up the great squad play!

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