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All Weapons & Gadgets Unlocked in the Battlefield Hardline Beta


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As we approach the final stages of the Battlefield Hardline closed beta, we have a little surprise for you - we have unlocked all the current weapons and gadgets accessible in the Battlefield Hardline beta.


This will let players on PC and PS4 who haven’t unlocked everything in the beta yet to try out all the firearms and gadgets like the Ballistic Shield, Breaching Charge, or Decoy, to fully appreciate the diversity of Battlefield Hardline multiplayer. Note that all the weapons and gadgets in the beta are just a taste of what fans can expect this fall, we have a lot more guns, gadgets and vehicles waiting for you on October 21st.

For PC Beta Players Only: In addition to the all-out firepower and gadget beta unlock, we’ve incorporated several changes to the beta on PC including audio fixes and “netcode” improvements. Check out the latest PC patch notes here.

Getting a chance to play every single weapon and gadget available in Battlefield Hardline beta will allow us to get a better sense of what’s working for you, how each gun and item is balanced in every match/encounter, and make changes based on your feedback. We would love to hear what you have to say! Hop into the Battlefield Hardline forums and tell us your thoughts.

To access all the weapons and gadgets available in the beta, head to the Agent/Loadout menu on Battlelog, equip the gear you’re curious about, and jump into a game to try out your cop or criminal hardware. Enjoy!

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