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BF4 Class Week: The Engineer


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We’re kicking off something we’re calling BF4 Class Week. Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting each of the four classes in Battlefield 4 including Pro Tips straight from the team at DICE, Community Missions and more.

The first Class Week is all about RPG’s and Repair Tools as we celebrate the iconic Engineer.


The Chinese Engineer from Battlefield 4 wearing the characteristic gas mask.

Capable of both immense vehicle destruction and invaluable repair work, there is one cog that really holds the Battlefield 4 squad machinery to place: the Engineer. The Engineer has been present in all Battlefield games, although with somewhat different designs and weapon loadouts.

The deadly mechanic’s place in the rock-paper-scissors gameplay of Battlefield has been the same: Engineers destroy enemy vehicles and take care of their own. Engineers can of course be deadly in close-quartered infantry battles too, and those skilled with the PDW’s can rack up a good amount of kills that way.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to master the Engineer class and help your BF4 squad to victory. There are many more tactics that could be mentioned, and we encourage you to share your wisdom in the comments.

Engineer Community Mission: Destroy 1 Million Vehicles with the M2 SLAM

To show the world the resourcefulness of the class in question, Engineer fans can now take on a Community Mission designed for their favorite class – and perhaps their favorite gadget. We want you to collectively destroy 1 million vehicles with the M2 SLAM in one week. So equip that gadget, hit the Battlefield, and let enemy vehicles know who’s in town!

This Community Mission will take place across all platforms and will be active between September 16th,9AM PDT and September 23rd, 2AM PDT. If you are successful, we’ll award everyone with an exclusive Engineer wallpaper, handed out on the Battlefield Blog. Mission progress can be tracked on Battlelog.


Top 4 Engineer Pro Tips

Bring the right tools: Bring your IGLA or Stinger if there is a lot of air activity, or your RPG or mines when it’s tank season – and be prepared to switch it up if (or perhaps we should say when) the Battlefield changes.

Hit ‘em where it hurts: To immobilize or destroy enemy vehicles with your rockets and missiles, it’s not just a matter of getting a hit, but also knowing where to hit. The back and top of vehicles have less armor, so that’s where you should aim. It also helps if you hit the vehicles at a perpendicular angle.

Stay undetected: The ability to bring down tanks, IFV’s, and air units with your mighty gadgets is useless if the enemy sees you coming. Find good cover, use silencers, flank tanks instead of attempting frontal assaults, and use your friendly vehicles as cover when you’re repairing them.

There’s no “I” in Engineer: Well… there is. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, our point is that teamwork is essential for the Engineer. Having Support players nearby when you run out of mines and missiles is extremely helpful, and a Recon can also help you demolish enemy vehicles if he or she brought a portable laser designator.

Good luck, and see you on the Battlefield!

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