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Perfecting Battlefield Hardline With Your Feedback


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Boy, these are exciting times here at Visceral Games!

The extra time given to us by EA to perfect Battlefield Hardline is really paying off. We’re using every additional day to make the game better – based on improvements suggested by your feedback.

Our multiplayer development process is all about getting something in the game and iterating on it until it’s awesome. “Iterating” means implementing it, playing it, listening to player feedback, and making changes based on those opinions. We then try out those changes, again with an eye towards player feedback, and then repeat the process.

This is exactly what we did with our first Beta. Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to see what we’ve changed in our next Beta – and to let us know what you think! Having the right feedback to help us “find the fun faster” is a key part of this process.


 Invaluable feedback in the making: players getting hands-on with Battlefield Hardline at our Gamescom 2014 booth.

Most of the multiplayer team recently got back from Gamescom in Germany – a great, gigantic event for media and fans alike. It was a real pleasure getting the game back into your hands and hearing what everyone had to say.

This year, we had around 150 stations running either the Rescue or Hotwire mode, split between PS4 and PC. 17,655 people tried out our new game modes – and came back with great feedback! Overall, the reception of the competitive-focused Rescue and the vehicle-based Hotwire modes was very positive, and we also got some specific feedback on how to improve these modes.


Cops vs. criminals in the vehicle-based Hotwire mode. What would you like to see in this mode?

We also had another 2,000 players play in the EA Community Lounge, and we got to spend some in-depth time with Battlefield community members and its pro players. Some of our developers had the distinct pleasure of getting trounced by these pros at Rescue on the Growhouse map, and we learned first-hand how critical some of the seemingly small details are.

I’ve seen some comments skeptical of us being able to create a competitive-focused mode – I think that’s healthy! Help us understand what challenges you see ahead for the competitive Rescue mode. The development team and the players have a unique opportunity to work together and craft a fun new experience for all of us to play, so let’s make sure to take advantage of this!

What are your thoughts about Battlefield Hardline, its game modes, features, and overall look? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments section below!


Thad Sasser
Lead MP Designer, Visceral Games | Battlefield Hardline
Twitter:  @dirtydeathdog

Learn more about Battlefield Hardline at http://battlefield.com/hardline

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