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That Battlefeel – Five Epic Battlefield Moments


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Sometimes they’re unbelievable, sometimes just hilarious. Quite often they’re both. They can be that awkward moment realizing you’re on single fire mode, or when your squad buddy saves your derriere in the nick of time. We call them Battlefeels.

You’ve been constantly adding to the worldwide library of these feels by your incredible videos and screenshots and below you’ll find a handful – there are of course many more out there. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy these prime Battlefeels!

“Pod Zook” – ponylionHD

Many have tried, few have conquered. Pulling off a true Rendezook is not done easily but PonylionHD has mastered this art form, time and time again. After successfully combining the move with a giant prehistoric shark (Rendolodon!), Pony has now applied futuristic equipment to perform the crazy RPG-slinging jump – using a pod in Final Stand.

“C4 is my Bae” – Fahed Abudayyeh

C4 in hand. A dozen foes at the same place. An epic ambush. We can only imagine how Fahed Abudayyeh felt coming across this golden opportunity on Operation Metro. The resulting kill streak crippled the enemy team, made the XP come flooding in, and produced a true Battlefeel. The total kill count? To quote Fahed’s own video description: “I couldn’t count them.“

“Anti-Air Dirtbike” – TheGuruGamer

Teaming up with a buddy and going on a Dirtbike ride feels good enough in its own right. But when Dirtbike magic like this happens, it becomes a Battlefeel for the books. Watch the majestic soaring of TheGuruGamer, the swift mid-air jet takedown, and the ensuing happiness of the duo.

“Warriors – BF4 Machinima” – TheS4tha

Ever felt that you’re inside a movie – but with the key difference that the outcome is in your hands? It’s a feel quite common within Battlefield 4 multiplayer. The cinematic and dynamic qualities of Battlefield 4 is captured beautifully in TheS4tha’s “Warriors”, featuring an intense clash at Hainan Resort. Epic paradropping, a lethal jet fly-by, and an explosive finale are some of the highlights.

“Epic Sax Guy Does Battlefield 4” – REC |Filming platoon|

It comes to us all. That sudden urge to lay down your weapons for a moment, and just bust a move on the Battlefield. What REC |Filming platoon| captures in the clip below is hard to describe in words. Just watch, stomp your feet, and surrender to the madness.

Make sure to share your own Battlefeels with us – whether it’s a video, screen, or story – through the comment section below. Curious about the upcoming Final Stand maps in the first Battlefeel?
Learn more about Battlefield 4 Final Stand

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