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The Unknown Ghosts
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A fantastic keyboard layout optimizes all of your skills

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Find a place. A good place has a lot of monsters which  MapleStory2 Mesos are at least 3 - 5 levels below you. If your level is under 10, there isn't going to be any critters with low levels, therefore just train on snails and mushrooms on Maple Island. Due to this patches on the sport, brand new, tougher critters have shown up on Maple Island. You may want to train them, if you want to be a Warrior.

Familiarize yourself. Once you become familiar with the fundamentals, attempt to find out more advanced tricks, like how to dodge a monster that's chasing you by turning about and jumping at precisely the same moment.

Customize your own controls. You use keyboard and the mouse to navigate MapleStory. You might have the ability to enhance your game by changing them Even though the default keys could be acceptable. A fantastic keyboard layout optimizes all of your skills.Movement skills (ex. Flash Jump) ought to be placed at the X key. This is because it's close. You don't need the Sit button for MapleStory.Put your main attack ability on the space bar. Put other abilities you use on the lower part of your computer.

If a guild is created by you, you become the guild master or leader. Then you may invite other people, etc.. You can pick on a logo of sorts, and disperse titles. Membership in a guild makes it possible to make friends, that you can find and contact. Friends can help you with questions you can go on quests with you or might have. Additionally, hey, it is good to have friends.

Consider doing some quests, as they give you good, rare items. Though quests often give you expertise, they're a good break from coaching all day.

Understand the Hidden system. When gear is dropped by a monster, the equipment can have a border. You may visit a shop and buy magnifying glasses. Use the glass to the gear to get the potential. You can use Miracle Cube and change the stats if you don't like the potential. The potential of your item may upgrade to the next tier if you are lucky. You buy them or might get Miracle cubes that are free from Hot Time.

Try utilizing Nebulites (GMS). When you train in leveled places, creatures may fall a box using a gear on it. Go on the Official MapleStory 2 Wiki . You may go to a city and cover an NPC to run a hole on your equipment, so you can connect your equipment and the Nebulite together.

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