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The Unknown Ghosts

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:( Ahh yes.... B.R.E.E.D. ... I bought this when it was in the charts!


You might like to pay visit to the CDV BREED FORUM where a number of people (including myself) frequent in order to discuss what a shockingly appaling game this is! *Just look for some of the posts by Lord-Tantalus - thats me!*


The Publisher (CDV) and the writers (BRAT) have gone their separate ways, after CDV altered the code themselves 'in-house' and have ended up putting almost a BETA version out there on the shelves!


It suffers from frequent crashes to desktop, stuttering audio, poor collision routines, freezes, bugs galore (like flying tanks!) and that's even after you apply the one and only patch!


Running it takes an age - with STARFORCE3 CD copy protection you will not find a no-cd patch, which is a right pain in the backside!


If you are lucky you will find a maximum of 2 servers being played.. which is a shame.. it could have been a contender (ish).


I'd get your money back and buy a pointy stick to poke yourself in the eye with - it can sometimes be more fun than running around a map on your own waiting for people to join your server...


IMHO.. :rolleyes:

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