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The Unknown Ghosts

Help - I'm a n00b!

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:huh: Ok Ok ! I may have been playing GR since it first appeared but I'm afraid to say I am a complete n00b when it comes to RvS & AS.


I have just taken receipt of my Ebay aquired AS CD's and have installed it today. Now all I need is some practice.


I could not join either of the servers directly by using the 'join IP' option, it just said server did not respond - Sorting the list alphabetically I managed to find TUG #1 and joined that way.. no sign of number 2 though..


I look forward to playing RVS:AS with you all soon - but be prepared to offer an old man some assistance .. when I can't find the key combo to open a door or when my grenade just plops in front of me, or worse, the team! .. hehe :P

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