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Bran's New Computer!

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If all goes well i should have enough money saved for a brand spaking new computer!


Check it out!


Its a Maveric- Hayabusa 64 Powerhouse(http://www.mavericpc.com/haya_powerhouse.html)




Video Card- ATI Radeon 9800Pro 256mb


SOUND CARD- Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1


Speakers- 2.1 stereo speakers/subwoofer (nothing fancy here)


System Memory- 1 Gig PC-3200 DDR


Hardrive- 120 GIg 7200 RPM SATA


CD Drive- Samsung 52X CDRW/DVD rom


Keyboard/Mouse- Logitech Desktop Keyboard/Cordless Optical Mouse


Operating System- Windows XP


Monitor- NEC FE771SB 17" Flatscreen CRT


and theres some other random stuff...but i didnt up grade those...


Pls check this out and give me some input and ideas!!!!

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sounds very similar to my new one im building :D


are you shure you cant put out for the 3200+ chip its is a bit better


what mother board? go for the msi k8t


what hard drive cash? 8meg min


and what type of ram? 400mhz i hope




sry dont know anything about ATI cards

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I was looking around some more...and i was wondering...



Do flat screen monitors make that much a difference?


and the system i want doesn't have the 3200+ chip



but i was looking at a different system, and might upgrade to them becuase they have better cards and such....but it is like a $300 difference :unsure:

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