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Originally posted by TUGr_Sirjarbo,

..how do you take a screenshot of your desktop?


The 'cheap and cheerful' way to do it is with the [PrtScn] button on your keyboard. This is often to the right of the keyboard, above the numberpad (If you have an F-Lock key it must be on to enable the Function Keys).


This then copies the entire screen (as an image) to the PC's clipboard. Open your favourite Image editing software and 'paste' as a new image.. you are then free to save in whatever format you wish.


Holding down the key and using [PrtScn] will just capture the top window.


* Other interesting functions for your keyboard include:

[Win]+L to immediatly lock your computer.

[Win]+E to open Explorer.

[Win]+R for the Run dialog.

[Win]+M to minimize all windows at once.


:closedeyes: Hello?.. wake up ya ungrateful bazta's ya! :lol:

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this is mine....


just a picture of my car, thats about it, got a different desktop on my home PC though


edit: well that didnt work too well did it... strange, OK just realised if u click on the picture it opens up to how it should look


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Just installed evaluation copy of Windows XP x64 so not much on my desktop. Should have the full version by next weekend when my bro is visiting :D. The background is the view from my room in my old house. Nice huh? Second is from my current room and the last one is a (i think) nicely edited pic of a waiting area in schiphol. I usually switch it between them.





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