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Mine is really boring. It might be my XPS gaming laptop but it is also my work machine. Besides, I spend more time on the web or in game so who need a desktop picture.


Hm, true, though I reckon I might as well cause I do have to look at it sometimes :D (startup)

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mmm I'm nowhere near that organised, in fact all my white label cd/dvd's are in the bottom drawer somewhere. However, Beav lets get a photo of all the crap in your room (and no, not the crap in your bathroom you arse!)


PS I LOVE HAWAII!! Been here 8 days and really tempted to rip up the return ticket :)

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Because LOK is always taking the piss cos I have every single game from the last century, I have decided to post my desk and my game shelf to give LOK a laugh!


There are now more games, this also does'nt show my steam games or my "other" games if you get my drift!


haha, everyone needs the surprised darth vader mr. potato head. Nice beer tap there brok, what kind of beer you have in it?

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August Burns Red...Good choice of music Breaker! :D


wtf no way dont tell me your listening to august burns red? no joke??


awesome come on lets go get some :D;)


oh before i forget it lets go for a meeting and bring your guitar, base or just your vocals with you and cover some songs :)

im playing guitar by the way

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