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Instead of spending tons of money on a new computer....



I have decided that i should just buy more Ram and a new Graphics Card!!!!


I was thinking like 512Mb of Ram which would bring me to like 800 MB


And the Radeon X800 Graphics Card Pro 256MB AGP



sound good?


also do you know any good online places to buy RAM?

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it would be better if you percahsed 2 matching 512k sticks of ram its cheap at the mo. at least you know they will work well together, i had 2 odd ones in my old comp and when ever there was heavy gunfire i lagged out ... could of been my cpu but who knows ??


what processor you got?


dont know much aboud radeon cards or usa retail sry...


but this site looks good




it has what you want


that card looks evil!! :o (as in good)

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