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ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB DDR AGP




Supported Operating Systems WIN98SE, WIN2000, WINME, WINXP, WIN2003

Min Recommended CPU N/A

Bus Type AGP

Chipset RV350

Core Speed (MHz) 400

External Connectors Dsub, DVi, TV-out

Extra Features N/A

Max Resolution 2048x1536

Memory Speed 400

Memory Type DDR

Minimum Required Hard Disk Space 20MB for drivers

Minimum Required Memory 64MB

Onboard Memory 256

RAMDAC (MHz) 400

Supplied Software Drivers

Supported APIs Direct X 9, OpenGL 1.4


?77.00 exc, ?90.48 inc





hope that helps check it out with the other graphics cards and best to make sure they compatible support for Direct X 9 for ease :) as radion cards will say if supported Direct X 9

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If you need to get a FX5xx range card - go for a FX5900XT - usually from 120-150 depending on manufacturer.


XFX - MSI - PNY - are good starts - its only 128MB ram - but the clocks and core are up.


5200 is poop.


As for the ATI cards - 9800XT is the best from what I read in reviews.


Goto: www.pczone.co.uk & www.pcpro.co.uk


They both recently did GFX card reviews and you can see them online. :)

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decided on the radeon 9800 pro or xt both good


they seam to kick the fx cards ass


now does the brand realy make a differance??

i have seen one for ?130 which seams cheap but i dont know the brand gex cube i think


and will i notice much of a differance from 128 to 256 k ?

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Originally posted by TUG_Bulldog@Jul 22 2004, 04:18 PM

...does the brand realy make a differance?? (sic)...

Yes, absolutely.


It's all down to quality of components and service/support and OEM driver updates etc,.


The usual suspects (MSI, ASUS, CREATIVE aso) tend to use tighter quality control than say, the likes of SAPPHIRE; and they produce frequent driver updates, unlike the latter.


PNY are a good alternative and have produced some good quality boards for a reasonable price.


As for the Radeon/GeForce debate this rages on; with both sides claiming the better core speeds and bandwidth; of which I believe Bandwidth to be of great importance! I had the 9600pro when it first came to the market (at a cost of ?385) and the bandwidth at that time was phenomenal, although driver compatibility was a problem as it always is with 'cutting-edge' technology.


ATI were forced to climb-down on their declaration that there card was faster when it was discovered that their '3D-Mark' score had been manipulated by the designers creating inbuilt processor codes to produce a faster result - This was always denied.. but items are still around on the net wrt this event..


Of late the holder of the AGP crown was the Radeon 9800XT, with resounding framerate victories achieved in certain tests over the 5950 Ultra (which still beats everything else in sight bar the afformentioned 9800XT).


ATI have held strong over the last year with nVidia catching up, but never quite making it...

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If you are going for a 9600 Pro have the extra RAM; so when your AGP aperture is (correctly) set to say 64MB in the BIOS, the AGP functions will be forced to the Video Card's DDR (the job for which it was designed), rather than have the processes farmed out to the system memory...


Considering a lot of games require a minimum 128MB on a card, give yourself the 'breathing' space and have the 256MB.. sweet! ;)

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