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after about 1 hour gaming on soldner my comp starts to slow down, im not shure if its my connection, hardware or what but if feel like playing on 56k, all jumpy as if im running at like about 4 Fps.


i think it may be my cash, ram or vertual memory not clearing properly ??


or maybe a NTL problem any ideas it defo not my comp spec! ....

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Have you checked what 'services' are running under windows XP? Have a visit to this link for details on how to Optimise XP Services, it's a good starting point and you'll be suprised at just how many services you have running that don't show up in msconfig.


As for the pagefile have you set it to a custom size or is it windows managed?


As you can see from my current setup, I have a HDD partition set aside for just the pagefile, the minimum of which is set to that recommended by XP, which is based on your installed memory and the maximum is set to the size of useable partition space (system restore is disabled for this drive along with the recycle bin - thus maximising space); The system is able to increase/decrease the pagefile but it will never fall below the minimum.




Further reading on the function of the Virtual Memory can be digested HERE if you are interested.


Other than that it could be a heat problem, bearing in mind that you say it happens after an hour or so of gaming.


Download & Install a CPU temperature monitoring program like Motherboard Monitor V5.3.6 (freeware) and take note of the reading before you start your game and then alt-tab out an hour or so later when the slow-down seems to be happening to see if there are any significant increases.. It could be you will need some more AGP/CPU cooling.. just a thought.. hope I have been of some assistance.. ^_^


** further to my last, you could do worse than to visit the PCAnswers Forums, register and ask the same question in their Hardware section.. there are always experts on hand to post their opinions :lol: Entitle your topic "Slow down during gaming" or the like, to get people's attention..

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Originally posted by TUG_Bulldog@Sep 1 2004, 05:57 PM

...with an average heat sink...

:o !!


Get yourself away and bung on a CPU cooler the likes of THIS or the likes of THIS before you end up frying that baby! You can even get a nice Coolermaster Control and bung it in a drive bay..


This is my current self-build system:



Currently I have one of these hf-ex5.jpgin the drive bay..

Three of these hf-case80s.jpgin the case..

And one of these on my CPU xdream.jpg


Which just about keeps my machine from sweating.. :lol:

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you realy think that one of http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=HFA-64TC will amke it cooler its only ?6.00 ??? cant be much different than the standard athlon one ... can it?? or is the ?15 one much better?


and whats that drive bay thing i want one!! link please!

i have a spare drive bay :)


on no im becoming a overclocker with out realising (cocks his gun and raises to head) i love it !!!!! :lol:

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well im going to turn off my comp now!!!

the utility says my cpu is running at 120oC i guess that hot!!!


what the fu** can i do! :(


it shoud not be that ho teven with a normal fan should it?


i got 1 box intake fan and 2 box out put fans


(edit the reading cant be right i stuck my hand in my comp and the cpu heat sink was cool! now either the sink isnt sinking or i have a temp reading error ?)

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download the proper utility for your mainboard from the manufacturers site.. MSI supply such monitoring utilities either on the driver CD or you can download them from the website..

Another way to get a reading is to have the pc run for a while then reboot and enter the BIOS, where you can check out the various temperatures in the monitoring section.. but the manufacturers utility integrates with these readings and is available via the windows interface - so it saves you having to do it...


You will find the utility (for msi boards) through the liveupdate - It is called "PC Alert 4" and monitors the whole lot..

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