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The Unknown Ghosts

Full Spectrum Warrior - PC

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Well what can I say - I was expecting a FPS like Americas Army but its nothing of the sort, Yes its a squad based game but its not like anything else ive played before, in this game you control 2 x 4man fire teams, You being a squad member in each team as you swap between the 2, but you dont fire in the FPS mode at all, you merely command your squad to move, shoot or whatever and they do it.


For instance if you want the M203 to take out a vehicle you simply click "2" on the keyboard and the target the tango with your mouse, click left mouse button and your M203 grenadier will step up and fire his nade at the designated target, and BOOM.


I found overall that once youve gotten used to the control system then its quite a fun game to play.


This is one game i would be tempted to buy, or download in the very least.



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