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The Unknown Ghosts

loads of screens


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To save time and bother i think they should just incorporate aimbots, ret lock, speed hack, PB Hack & wireframe into the game code then there would br no reason to have stoopid guns that enable you to fire from cover without as much as showing a hair.


Mind you as long as they dont take away my MM1, no one will be safe :ninja:


Also i agree with Bull looking at the gadgetry on that rifle you'll need to be built like Senator Arnie in order to use it.


I remember having a night vision scope on my SA80 when i was in the army and that weighed more that the SA80, and it was no where near as elaborate as that rifle. :sad: :ninja:



In summary - this game is getting more and more spoiled as it goes on. With all these computerised weapons and new fangled wotcha-ma-called-its we'll be able to sit in the tea room and let our weapons go off and fight the tango's on their own, in fact why dont they go the full hog and make GR2 with robots from the future that are trying to wipe out mankind......oh wait thats been done. :wacko:

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To be honest i dont really care if its shite or not cause ive found FFXI-Online which will keep me busy for a while yet :)




Funny really the game requires 7.5Gb of free space, (this includes game launcher, main game and 2x addons) and takes 1hr to update the game to playable level, from disc to current patched level that is.


But its well worth the wait, and if your thinking well i never really liked FF, it doesnt really matter, cause this is nothing like any others, except you still get Chocobos :)


My current avatar is a Galkan, which is what my FF character is :)

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