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Just a question more than a WTF, i just posted a reply to a post and the time on the reply says 21.30......... So What! I here you say, shut the f*** up and get a life. go and play some GR,.... but i will continue dispite being dismissed on my first line, the clock at the top of the forum page reads 22.30.

Why Is there a time difference?


I am just curious maybe even a bit board, it also said i logged in about 06.30 but i'm pretty sure i was driving my car down the M61 to Manchester at that time, I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure I was in my car.(maybe i dreamed it).


Any way answers to the above would be appreciated and finally remember I am very board right now, so polite replys only :P Please can i remind you all i am only a simple sparky not a techie like most of you. (be nice)

Any way just a reminder of what I started waffling on about.

Why is the time different on different parts of the Site? :huh::P:lol:

:surprise::blink::yikes::uhm::thankyou::P:ph34r::mellow::mad::glare:<_< :closedeyes: :blush::blink::D

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:sofa1: Now lets see what time I posted this.. My PC Clock says 21:28, the clock above says 21:28..




Edit: ..and the time I posted this reply concurrs..


Suggestion: Maybe you need to check out the 'My Controls' link at the top of the page, then click on the 'Board Settings' option to check whether you have set up your time zone/daylight saving option..



** It seems Beaver snuck his post 'under-the-wire' as I was editing this one...

:diepig: Biatch..

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