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The Unknown Ghosts

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Hi i'm sirjarbo (john), looking to join up with TUG i play AA, Soldner, and after looking at your site i think go buy either ghost recon or raven shield today,

i'm from texas (north east of dallas)

my computer is a 2.8 P4 with 512 ram and a g force asylum (128meg)

i have played with the 705th elite clan in AA and quit when i didn't have the time to keep playing at their pace....i've got a set of 2 year old twin boys that do not YET understand the game thing.. other than playing with graphics with photoshop thats my sad pathetic life, and i look foward to sharing it with you all ....


my website will be back up soon and i'll post some of my work. until then ..........



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great to hear from you!


if poss try to get on TS tonight and we will chat about membership and stuff...


sounds like like you have a life similar to most at here TUG..... trying to mix family life and a job with gaming is a tuff one, but family always come first here!


i think GR would be a good investment (we still play it alot) as GR2 may be our next big game ..... if it ever comes out and the gold pack is a bargain (make shure you get island thunder and desert siege with GR).


we do play a bit of raven shield and i play alot of soldner!!!


also quite a few of us just got Call of duty with the new expansion, you can buy the both for not much money in the same box.


any way see ya soon

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hey bulldog,


sorry about yesterday on ts. i was playing a diff. game and it was strange to here one battle and be in another. and i had some strange echo from my mixer i had to fix...... :wacko:

anyway, i've been on the ssw server , and the gr server and they seem to run very smoth, even though i was alone, also i'm trying to hone my GR skills so i can earn my TUG :D


i'll try to catch you all tonight about 6 pm my time, so maybe i'll catch an owl or two.



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Ok cool!


We do have member from the us and canada, also SAF_Kaiser is in the us so he may be on late!


as i said before SAF are alies and friends, so they will be more than happy for you to join in with any game they are playing im sure :D


sorry about the empty servers but we have only just got COD allied assault so we have been playin it alot!!


if you get 2 or 3 on the soldner server it fills up fast!!!


GR has less players online now because its old (but still the best realism game, even after 3 years, people are just board with it) but we still see 10 or so on the server now and again,

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oh i see.....

GR is going good, i haven't finished it yet, but i'm geting the hang of it

i still haven't got CoD...

website, well its there but i have no content to it yet. www.sirjarbo.tk

and i might be able to get on ts tonight, i'v got a company meeting today thats about 2 hours away and it starts at 12 30, so it will be about 9 your time tonight


we'll see

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